Shelf Sentiment

  Freestanding horizontal wooden blocks featuring inspirational sentiment and text for occasions, friends and relations.

  • Sits on any flat surface.
  • 18 x titles featuring feel-good, humorous and inspirational sentiment.
  • Made of layered cedarwood painted in a decorative shabby chic style.
  • Size 300mm wide x 40mm high x 28mm deep

*This product is part of the Sentiment Gits Stand. For more details on the complete stand click here.

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Side panel option for the Sentiment Gift Stand

Shelf Sentiments:

  • 18 titles in 2s

Stand dimensions:

  • 180cm (h) x 48cm (w) x 48cm (d) approx
One side panel of the Sentiment Gift Stand.
Gift panels also come with a bracket to allow you to hang them from a pillar or appropriate slatwall space.