Christmas Storybook

This Christmas, prepare to embark on a magical journey and be the star of your very own adventure. Introducing the Large Personalised Christmas Storybook with two different stories to choose from, Santa Needs Your Help and Someone Saves Christmas. There is joy for everyone but here is where the magic truly happens. Your child’s name beautifully woven into the cover and throughout the story. Choose from a wide selection of titles, presented on a captivating four sided spinner stand.

Featuring all the most popular boys and girls names. For an extra touch of personalisation, there are blank versions so no child misses out. Let your child’s imagination soar as they become the hero of their very own story.

Please note that the item is pre-personalised and not bespoke.

  • Personalised Christmas Storybooks in new larger format – size 170mm x 170mm
  • 2 fun festive stories in male & female versions – “Santa Needs Your Help” and “Saves Christmas” with the child’s name featuring on both the cover and inside pages
  • Blank titles are also available to enable any name or title to be written on with permanent pen
  • Stand holds 80 pockets

Spinner Display Contains:

  • 64 names x 2 of each
  • 16 blanks x 4 of each


  • 190cm (h) x 56cm (w)