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Display Unit Image One

Floor Spinner Contains

  • Keylights 36 TITLES x 4 of each
  • Mini Clip Purses 24 TITLES x 2 of each
  • Shot Glasses 30 TITLES x 2 of each
  • Enamel Mugs 42 TITLES x 2 of each

Stand Dimensions:

52cm (w) x 55cm (d) x195cm (h)

Urban Words

Have you ever felt a little hangry (an adjective to explain that mood when hunger turns to anger if not satiated) or spent too much time procaffeinating (the verb to describe a reluctance to start anything until a cup of coffee has been consumed) – if so then you’ll know just how popular this witty take on everyday words and phrases has become in modern everyday conversations.

Our newest Urban Words product launch makes the most of this fun new way of talking by featuring the most popular words and titles and putting them together with cool cultural meanings in the style of a dictionary definition – creating an eye-catching black and white design.

With a choice of Keyrings, Mini Clip Purses, Shot Glasses and Mugs, alongside a retro ‘50s illustration style, the striking spinner display makes the perfect impulse-buy crowd grabber.



31st January 2018



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