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Stand Contains:

  • Alphabet Candles
Mrs Candles - 17 titles, Miss Candles - 15 titles
  • Tote Bags
14 titles in 4s
  • Key Lights & Wallets
Key Lights - 10 titles in 4s,  Wallets - 12 titles in 2s
  • Woodcuts
Books - 24 titles, Coasters - 15 titles    

Stand Dimensions:

  • 48cm (w) x 48cm (d) x 180cm (h) approx
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Also Available:

  • Counter Spinner for Tote Bags
16 titles x 4   Stand Dimensions:
  • 37cm (w) x 37cm (d) x 64cm (h) approx
  • Counter Spinner for Key Lights
27 titles x 4   Stand Dimensions:
  • 22cm (w) x 22cm (d) x 41cm (h) approx
  • Counter Spinner for Woodcut Books
12 titles x 4, 12 titles x 2   Stand Dimensions:
  • 27cm (w) x 27cm (d) x 48cm (h) approx

Sentiment Gifts



The ultimate sentiment gift line – designed to build sales and return customers.


Our Sentiment Gift Stand is updated yearly and features beautiful expressions and wise words on a host of formats for family and friends: quotation books, coasters, keylights, bags and candles, to name but a few.

There really is a gift for everyone!


6th December 2016



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